OSEAN DAO is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our NFT marketplace in Q4 of 2023. Each NFT will represent a single yacht and will be broken down into equal pieces with a value of $1000 each, corresponding to the total price of the yacht. This allows investors to enter the yacht market at a lower cost and benefit from the commercial exploitation of these professional yachts.
Our NFT marketplace is exclusive to $OSEAN token holders, ensuring a strong connection between the project and its investors. In addition to governance power in the DAO and dividend payouts, NFT holders will also be granted membership to the OSEAN Club. As members, they will enjoy exclusive benefits such as free yacht vacations, sailing lessons, participation in events, and more.
We take great pride in our commitment to transparency and accountability. At the end of each fiscal year, the balance sheets of our Single Purpose Entity (SPE) companies will be made available to the DAO, ensuring that all investors have access to the financial performance of their assets. After depreciation withhold and liquidity amounts withheld, the remaining funds will be directed back to the DAO through a trustee and converted to $OSEAN tokens.
We are excited to be at the forefront of the growing intersection between traditional assets and the world of cryptocurrency. Our LLC wrapping provides a bridge between the two economies, creating a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the yacht market with the added benefits of blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from OSEAN DAO.
Last modified 9mo ago