What is OSEAN DAO?

OSEAN DAO is an decentralized organization managed by its community of Members via its underlying governance smart contract. The OSEAN DAO was founded for the purpose of making investments in the Yacht Market and Yacht Charter industry. By joining the DAO, members will have direct access into the industry through the DAO´s tokenization of professional yacht assets. Through their commercial exploitation, the DAO will generate revenue for the benefit of its community.

OSEAN DAO will be registered as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization in the form of a Limited Liability Company domiciled in the Republic of the Marshall Island (DAO LLC). The DAO LLC permits the DAO to legally establish and operate subsidiary Special Purpose Vehicles that will hold the tokenized yacht assets. The DAO LLC is a unique legal structure that serves as a bridge between the blockchain and real world economies. The Republic of the Marshall Islands was one of the first jurisdictions to permit DAOs to form a recognized legal entity for its business activities. We are pleased to be working with MIDAO and GOV.DAO who are advising the OSEAN DAO on our formation.

What is OSEAN Token?

$OSEAN is a utility token deployed on the Binance Smart and Ethereum Chains to support the operation and functionality of the OSEAN project´s protocol, which includes the OSEAN marketplace where holders of $OSEAN can utilize the services offered. $OSEAN is developed to be the tool that drives the activities of the OSEAN DAO.

What are OSEAN NFTs?

The OSEAN NFTs are a limited series of non fungible tokens deployed on the Binance Smart Chain by the OSEAN DAO. The OSEAN NFTs can only be acquired in exchange for $OSEAN.

By holding an OSEAN NFT, you will be granted membership of the OSEAN DAO. As a DAO member, you are granted governance and economic rights in the DAO´s activities, as well as the opportunity to receive exclusive benefits rewarded for your participation in our community.

Why should you become an OSEAN DAO member?

If you are a member, stakeholder, business, enthusiast, or simply a person interested in the Yacht charter industry you should join the OSEAN DAO and contribute to our active community! All members have an opportunity to combine their passion for yachts with the growing crypto economy.

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