We aim to become a leading force in the industry!

We, the founding members, have established the OSEAN DAO with the mission to become a leading stakeholder and active participant in the yacht industry.

Each of the founding members are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the yacht industry, as well as in the fields of as well as in the fields of cryptocurrency, finance, and marketing.

Our collective philosophy is that we can use the power of blockchain to democratize the yacht charter industry, which has traditionally been exclusive to the elite, by creating opportunities for everyone who is interested in becoming a member of the OSEAN DAO.

The founding mandate of the OSEAN DAO is for the community to join together for the purpose of generating revenue and profit through the yacht industry investments. We have proposed a plan and strategy to members of the community that takes into account all aspects of the proposed activities of the DAO, from identifying yacht assets, to their purchase, to their management, and to creating a sustainable token economy supporting the purposes of the DAO.

All members of the DAO have a unique opportunity to benefit from the growing demand for yacht charters. The DAO will tokenize yacht assets approved for investment by the community. Tokenization is a process that will grant ownership and profit participation rights to Members generated by the deployment of the tokenized yachts for chartering activities. In addition, the tokenized assets will back the sustainability of the OSEAN token economy.

There are huge advantages to the OSEAN community operating as a DAO. By operating as a DAO, it means that all Members have an opportunity to participate in its governance which is facilitated by the DAO´s underlying governance smart contract. Decentralized governance ensures that the Member´s funds are secured and deployed for the purposes of achieving the founding mission of the DAO.

We, the founding members, openly invite all persons to join the community and become a member of the DAO and to participate in our common purpose to invest in yacht industry opportunities! We are excited to embark on this journey and create an organization whose activities benefit all members involved.

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